Safeguarding Our Environment

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Innovative Emissions Monitoring for Easy Compliance & Efficiency

Large-scale manufacturing processes inherently produce emissions that must comply with regulatory requirements. Inaccurate or missing emissions data can lead to non-compliance issues, production delays, and potential harm to the environment and public health. That's why Prism Systems offers the Environmental Reporting Solution (ERS), a comprehensive web-based package that enables real-time data collection and reporting.

Easy Compliance

Our ERS software offers automated real-time emissions monitoring that accurately measures your emissions levels against specific limits for stack discharge or waterway process discharge, ensuring compliance at all times.

Optimal Efficiency

With ERS, you can operate at maximum efficiency by eliminating guesswork. Compliance reporting is seamlessly integrated with data collection, allowing you to push the limits without ever crossing the line. This way, you can optimize your manufacturing processes while ensuring regulatory compliance.

The largest producer of containerboard in North America leverages ERS for emmissions monitoring.

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ERS simplifies emissions monitoring by collecting and processing the raw data to provide you the data aggregation and reporting for the specific requirements in your permits. The system specializes in monitoring gaseous substances, then using programmed calculations to yield required emission units of measurement. ERS can also monitor scrubber speed, liquid flows, and other physical conditions related to your operation.

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Real-Time Availability

With ERS, data collected in the field is uploaded in real-time, making it easily accessible and facilitating faster decision-making. The system also includes built-in data redundancy features, providing automatic recovery options in the event of communication loss or network failure. This ensures that critical information is always available when you need it, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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Raw data is normally recorded in the units of the instrument or transmitter. ERS simplifies the process of collecting and converting raw data to the required units, sampling, and aggregation of the permit, so you get the data you need, exactly how you need it. Additionally, ERS can generate data averages at any frequency, and quickly evaluate that data to ensure that you remain within regulatory limits.

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Our ERS system provides a centralized platform where your management and operations teams can access comprehensive data from a single website. This allows them to easily monitor and acknowledge system alarms and view real-time data in the way that works best for them.

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ERS simplifies reporting by generating customized reports that feature automated data import and formatting. The system raises real-time alarms to ensure prompt corrective action and prevent prolonged non-compliance. The alarms can be easily imported into any regulatory reports, providing the ability to add proper acknowledgement and annotations, to streamline the reporting process.

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