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Software Development Services

From embedded software tools & utilities to enterprise-wide, web-based applications, Prism Systems Software Development Group has successfully deployed complex applications across the globe. Our extensive project experience includes Database applications, SAP/Oracle/ERP interfaces & enhancements, Internet/Intranet development and custom/OEM commercial products.

Prism Systems has invested in the most qualified engineers and software technology professionals as well as the latest hardware, software tools, and equipment. We invite you to take the opportunity to contact us so we may be able to demonstrate how superior development practices, the most current technology and proven project-management skills can satisfy your manufacturing, production, and informational software requirements.
As a Microsoft® Certified Partner, our highly experienced team of developers maintains expertise in the latest software development technologies including:

  • Microsoft Visual C++, C#
  • Microsoft Visual Basic/Visual Basic.NET
  • XML
  • Java/Javascript
  • COM/DCOM/ActiveX
  • Transact SQL
  • Assembly
Many current development projects are sophisticated and complex web-based applications. Prism's Software Development Group, along with the Automation & Controls Group, has deployed dozens of these types of applications in plants, IT facilities and even ships around the world. These user-friendly applications are much easier to deploy and maintain than client-based applications and allow the user to interface with the application using a simple web browser eliminating client-side software installation and maintenance. These applications have a number of advantages over traditional client-server applications:

  • Web based configuration, runtime and administration environment requires no client install or maintenance.
  • Combine the functionality provided by the core reporting system with information from legacy and third party systems on the same screen at the same time with minimal development effort.
  • Easily convert interactive displays into reports for printing or saving in Adobe pdf format
  • Collect enterprise-wide data from other applications and third-party and/or legacy systems.
  • Create a common information portal to provide data/reporting/trending/analysis from multiple sources.
For many customers, waiting on an upgrade to an existing ERP/MRP/MIS system can bring your business' productivity to a halt. At a minimum, your people are spending too much time trying to utilize a legacy "productivity" tool that simply isn't cutting it anymore. Our application experts can help you improve the efficiency of your legacy systems. We have helped a number of large companies better utilize their existing IT/Manufacturing infrastructure while also placing them in a much better position to make a future transition to a more modern system.

Many of these applications need to interface both with device-level controllers and equipment as well as other database infrastructures to maximize their usefulness and payback (and to keep your business flowing during the transition). As such, our software development group maintains up-to-date expertise in a variety of database technologies including:
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • OSI PI
  • Aspen
  • Wonderware IndustrialSQL
  • Progress
  • Rockwell RSSQL

Do you have an upcoming project that would benefit from having an experienced project manager and an expert team of developers on the job? Do you have an existing project that's not exactly going as planned? Give us a call or drop us an email and let us apply our years of experience and expertise gained from hundreds of successful projects to your project.



 Mark V I/O Driver

The GE Speedtronic Mark V is a fully programmable turbine control system designed to meet the needs of today’s power generation industry for the complex, dynamic behavior of gas and steam turbines. It is a flexible control system that delivers state-of-the-art control, monitoring and protection.

Prism Systems’ Mark V I/O driver provides reliable, real-time access to Mark V turbine controller data. The I/O driver communicates natively with Mark V system using the GE StageLink protocol, and has no connection to or dependence upon any other software components, including Cimplicity. The driver may be deployed on any Windows 32-bit platform, including Windows 2000 and XP and supports commonly available PCI ARCnet interface cards. Additionally, the driver supports multiple ARCnet cards allowing simultaneous communications on multiple physical ARCnet networks.

The driver is currently implemented as an I/O Server for Wonderware’s IndustrialSQL Historian product, and an OPC server implementation is also planned. Additionally, work is underway to incorporate data write functionality, including control constants adjustment and logic forcing, to facilitate replacement HMI options.

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